Computer and mobile 'phoneTraining - specialising in the over 60s


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COMPUTER TRAINING and help for novices and more advanced users - especially over-50s - in your office or home - INTERNET, EMAIL, WINDOWS, Word, Excel, Web Design (& how to edit your own pages).

Help using your mobile 'phone
Having trouble with your mobile 'phone? Learn what to do; how to send/receive texts, add contacts, find out where you are, get alerts from your computer to your 'phone...... and more.


Contact for help and advice: Joan Lipkin-Edwards - Tel 0208 455 0029 Email Joan


For Jewish software see: BM Software


Computer training, mobile 'phone help

CV consultancy


Internet Training

Website Proofreading and Editing

Learn to use: Your Ipad, tablet PC, smartphone, etc. and Microsoft Office (including Word for Windows, Excel, Access, Powerpoint)

Internet solutions and help: Internet Explorer, Dreamweaver, Mozilla Firefox, Printing problems, Email, etc.

Learn how to import and/or alter pictures, send faxes from your computer - and receive them - without a fax machine, use columns and tables, mail-merge, HTML/Internet web design, produce a beautiful professional newsletter or magazine, put all your accounts on your computer, online banking and share-dealing, booking theatre and travel tickets - or just the basics of your word processing program.

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