Joan Lipkin-Edwards

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Hampstead, London NW11 7HG
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Joan Lipkin-Edwards was educated and trained as a multi-lingual secretary, reaching a high level of proficiency. She ran her own employment agency for 25 years, specialising originally in 'returners', older people returning to the workplace after leaving it to have families or for other reasons; she continued to specialise in older, more sensible high-calibre secretaries, linguists, office staff and, in latter years, IT/computer staff and training.

She is highly-experienced in the choice, installation and use of computer software and the operation of many programs, including the Internet, Email, word processing, spreadsheets, web design software, etc. Since the sale of her business, she has concentrated on the Internet and many of the interactive websites, including banking and stocks & shares trading.

She is an enthusiastic and understanding teacher, of 'mature' years herself and is particularly keen on one-to-one teaching. She is most experienced in the training of the more mature, the over 50s, and others just starting on their computer journey.

She suggests that clients prepare - in their minds at least - an idea of where in particular their problems lie and what they most want from the training to make best use of the time. It is most useful for trainees to use their own - or office - computers for training, so that they, with Joan's help, can set up their own files and documents to their own requirements.

Joan lives in North West London, where she brought up her three children.