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Have you recently bought a new computer system? Are you having trouble with getting started or learning a new program? A specialist with the more ‘mature’ user can guide you through your initial halting steps on Email and the INTERNET and take you right through to producing your own Home Pages on the World Wide Web.
Programs taught: 
Microsoft Office (Word for Windows (all versions), Excel, PowerPoint, Access, etc.); Faxing from your computer, Databases and labels, Templates etc. Tailored to your needs.
INTERNET: Netscape, Internet Explorer, AOL, Mozilla, ALL Email and Internet Browsers, Virgin, and email programs, etc., set up and training.

OTHER APPLICATIONS: general use of most programs; share dealing online, banking online, voice recognition programs, etc.  Once you have a fairly good understanding of Windows and the Internet, you will be able to learn many new programs fairly easily yourself. Training is by the hour, with a two-hour minimum.

If you just want to brush up your skills, or are a beginner planning to start on your own, you can buy Training CDs.


An annual or three-monthly telephone support line, paid for in advance, gives you the chance to call as often as you need to.

(Particularly recommended for follow-up help OR for those who do not require full training)

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Contact for help and advice: Joan Lipkin-Edwards - Tel 0208 455 0029

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